This Bully Dog Was Abandoned By His Family Due To Obesity, Now He’s Thriving In A New Home

You show a dog some love, and you’ll get a thousand times more in return!

This hasn’t been truer than in the case of Pork Roll, the sweetest American Bully that you’re gonna meet today!

After being abandoned by his family due to his obesity, all Porky ever dreamed of was having a home again. Never could he realize that his life would soon completely change and take the most exciting turn – for the better!

A Rough Start In Life

Porky was initially bought as a puppy from a breeder in Virginia by his first family. After two long years in a loving home, the family decided to surrender him due to “some skin issues.”

As it turned out later, the real reason why Porky was left was the fact that he was around forty pounds overweight.

Then came the South of the Bully crew, from Charlotte, North Carolina. With the little help of these giant-hearted rescuers, Porky was right back on track.

“Turns out, him being FORTY pounds overweight was the real underlying problem. Once his weight went down, the rashes and skin problems disappeared too. He’s now down to 65 lbs & looking great,” Skip wrote on Instagram.

Soon enough, he was finally ready to go to another home. And, then, it finally happened!

The Pawfect Family Found

Skip and Graham, the couple from Asheville, North Carolina, fell in love with Pork Roll the minute they saw him. They already had two dogs at the time – the senior female girl named Athena and their rescue boi, Dime, and wanted to add the third one to their furry family.

As it turned out, adding Porky was just the greatest idea ever!

In no time, this sweet hippo-like Bully acclimated to his new environment, as he has always been a member of the family.

He embraced Athena as a mom and Dime as his partner in crime. With the two of them, he became the silliest, most confident boi who finally got what he had been looking for this entire time.

But, that’s when his real personality started to show!

Graham and Skip couldn’t be happier to see Porky’s funny quirks and habits transform him into the neediest, sweetest dog.

Every time his mom and dad leave the room, he’ll start making crying noises. And, if he sees something intriguing, there comes some more weird and crazy sounds!

Porky is literally obsessed with everyone in his family. And, he just can’t hide it! He’s always around to shower everyone with love.

Even sometimes, when Dime or Athena aren’t in the mood for his cuddles, he just doesn’t care. He’ll make sure to “tell” his doggo siblings how much he loves them at all costs.

Currently Beating The Odds

Sadly, after a wonderful life in her North Carolina family, Athena crossed the rainbow bridge and left her family heartbroken.

Being a role model for Porky, he was extremely sad for not being able to hang out with his furry sister anymore. But, from that day, his bond with Dime became even stronger! The two spend every single second together, rocking and taking on new adventures in style!

Then came another heartbreak.

Both Dime, and later, Porky, were diagnosed with major health issues that significantly lowered the quality of their lives.

Dime has an ongoing battle with degenerative myelopathy, while Porky has Intervertebral disc disease paralysis.

Despite his young age and the fact that IVDD is not that common for his breed, this sweet Bully boi needed to be subjected to immediate surgery.

“We had heard of things but did not know about IVDD in detail or just how dangerous it is. And how EASILY it can happen even in young dogs,” his family wrote on Instagram.

Today, Porky is doing so much better with his constant therapy and meds. He’s a true fighter that still has so much life in his paws.

“Hoping with everything that one day he’ll be able to stand, walk, run, and kick again,” they wrote in an Instagram post.

Hopefully, it is only a matter of time before this wiggly, enthusiastic hippo boi starts running and jumping again like he used to all this time! He sure deserves it!


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