Dog With Swollen Head Found Wandering Around The Neighborhood, Hoping To Find Help

When a Good Samaritan got a notification from their security camera that something was walking past it, they decided to take a look.

What they saw completely shocked them.

A dog with an extremely swollen head was walking by, trying to find somebody who could help her.

The Good Samaritan immediately contacted their local rescue shelter, informing them of what they had just seen.

Rescue Mission

A team of rescuers immediately made their way down to the location, hoping to catch her before she disappeared.

Luckily, they managed to find her as soon as they arrived, capture her, and take her to the vet.

They noticed that she had something lodged in her neck that was probably causing her head to swell up due to lack of circulation.

The rescuers knew that they were racing against the clock to get her the help she needed before it was too late.

As soon as they arrived at the vet, they rushed her to the emergency room.

The pup, now named Mika, was incredibly calm throughout the entire process as if she knew she was finally getting the help she needed.

The surgeons were a bit nervous about the surgery because Mika couldn’t be put under anaesthesia, but after six long hours, they were able to free her.

The vet staff weren’t sure if it was a collar or some kind of cloth stuck in her neck when they got it out, but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

The only important thing was that she was finally able to breathe.

The next step was to flush her face and put her on an IV for hydration and antibiotics for her infection and mange.

Road To Recovery

After her successful surgery, Mika spent some time inside the HBOT chamber, where she was able to relax and breathe in some fresh and clean air.

After four days, this incredible pup started to heal and trust the hoomans around her.

She finally felt love and appreciation, and she was over the moon about it. Spending time with hoomans that cared about her made Mika smile from ear to ear.

One of the doctors who was performing her surgery noticed how happy Mika was, and he, as well as his partner, fell head over heels for her.

They decided to make her a part of their loving family and adopt her.

Now, Mika is living a life filled with good times and incredible hoomans.

She was able to completely let go of her dark past as she had everything she ever needed and so much more.

Thank you to all the incredible hoomans who were a part of this incredible rescue mission.

Final Word

Aren’t rescuers just incredible?!

They dedicate their entire lives to rescuing animals in need and providing them with loving families that appreciate them for who they truly are. Mika is just one example among countless.

So, if you have never helped an animal who was asking for a second chance at life, I highly recommend you try and see just how incredible the feeling is.

You will not regret it!


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