Poor Pup Was Curled Up In A Washing Machine Drum In A Fake Shelter Before Rescuers Came To Help

For most dog rescuers, saving these four-legged furballs is a life mission and the greatest satisfaction. For others, unfortunately, it’s just a business.

When the good people of The Animal Pad, from San Diego, California, heard about more than 300 dogs living in inhumane conditions, in one fake rescue, they immediately rushed into action.

Once they arrived at the spot, they were shocked by what they saw.

There were hundreds of dogs with no proper food and care and not even remotely enough space. Among them, in the drum of an old washing machine, was My Girl, completely defenceless.

Saved From Inhumane Conditions

When the rescuers saw My Girl for the first time, she was absolutely hopeless. She was extremely sick and weak, refusing to eat or drink.

Erica, the director of The Animal Pad and an editor and producer at The Dodo, along with her team, worked tirelessly to help My Girl and the other 397 dogs get out of the shelter. To their luck, the community immediately responded and the applications were pouring in!

“I was three hours away at the rescue while other directors were sending me videos of taking care of all these dogs. I was really watching people save these dogs’ lives in real-time,” Erica said for The Dodo.

This black canine tested positive for the dreaded distemper, which demanded immediate hospitalization. The crew did the best they could, and the dog’s treatment soon began.

She was named My Girl because the team sang her the rendition of The Temptations’ “My Girl” every day during the treatment. And, with some TLC and proper care – her body started to heal.

Doing Zoomies All Day Long

After only 41 days, My girl was a brand-new dog. She did so well that this California rescue found it even hard to believe she was actually sick.

Her unbreakable spirit and just the sweetest personality helped My Girl beat all the odds, and soon enough, she came out of her shell.

Soon after her treatment, My Girl was brought to the AP facility where her new journey began. She started visiting adoption events until, one day, everything changed for the better!

One of the volunteers fell in love with this sweet girl and immediately agreed to foster her. But, the real magic happened when she met his parents!

“The real magic happened when she met the foster’s parents. They absolutely fell in love with her almost immediately. It was love-at-first-sight moment. And now, that is her forever home,” says Erica.

There was no doubt that My Girl and her new hoomans were made for each other. After living in captivity, this sweet dog finally got a spacious home and a place where she could do zoomies all day long.

“She can run around on their huge property. She gets zoomies all day long. And most importantly, she’s taken care of and she’s incredibly healthy,” says Erica.

Together with her pawrents and a doggo sibling, My Girl lives the best life possible. And, she couldn’t be happier!


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