Dog Offers Tender Support To His Baby Sister As She Takes Her First Steps And Melts Hearts

Raising small babies alongside large furry companions is always a challenge, especially when bringing a new baby home for the first time.

Many parents feel anxious, wondering how the dogs will react and if they’ll be gentle enough around the small, fragile baby. Of course, these are all valid concerns since we can’t predict their reactions.

However, sometimes our furry companions surprise us in the best way.

A family from Boston was particularly blessed because not only did their rescue dogs adore their new baby girl, but they quickly formed an amazing bond that melted everyone’s heart with joy.

The Bond Like No Other

When Allison Acherman became pregnant, their two dogs, Mason and Breck, immediately knew what was going on. They refused to leave their mom’s side and they loved to nap on her belly, probably listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

When they finally brought the little girl home, Mason and Breck were so excited, but also very loving and gentle. They just knew how to behave around little Jordan.

“We thought they’d be excited, but you’re always anxious. We never thought they would take to her the way they did,” Matt, Allison’s husband, told The Dodo.

The little baby girl was a part of their pack now, and they were going to protect and love her no matter what.

Mason, their Lab/Shepherd mix, took his job as an older brother very seriously. “He’s her shadow. He’s her safety blanket, if you will,” Matt said.

Shepherds are known for their protective nature, so it’s safe to say that this little girl is probably the most protected baby ever, with her brother watching over her.

Mason is a very loving, gentle, and sweet boy who, despite not having an easy start in life, has so much love to give.

When he was a little puppy, someone left him at a kill shelter in Georgia where he was scheduled for euthanasia. Luckily, a local college girl came just in time to save him from his grim destiny.

Mason has always loved to snuggle, so she trained him to be a therapy dog, and a couple of months later, he ended up with the Acherman family in Boston who decided to adopt him.

He was so lucky to have found his forever home, and with little Jordan coming along, he finally found his true purpose!

“Don’t Worry, I’m Here To Help”

Wherever baby Jordan goes, Mason follows along. He simply doesn’t want to leave her side, ever.

So, naturally, when it was time for baby Jordan to learn to walk, her furry big brother was again next to her, offering support and helping.

“We knew it was any day now when she was just about to take her first steps. I look over and she’s leaning on him, standing up. He was like, ‘Okay, I’m here for you’. And then when she finally got it, you could tell she was proud of herself. You could tell he was proud of her, too,” Allison told The Dodo.

For sure, having a furry friend supporting you along the way would definitely make learning to walk easier for everyone.

As little Jordan took her first wobbly steps with a huge smile on her face, Mason patiently stood next to her offering his body as support and encouraging his best friend.

“They’re certainly inseparable and they’re certainly best buddies,” Matt said.

Little Jordan is no longer the only baby in the family, but her bond with Mason is still the cutest and most special thing ever.

Their love for each other is adorable and I’m sure that she’ll remember her best furry friend for the rest of her life. It’s truly an honour to be loved by an animal like this.


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