Man Finally Discovers The Real Identity Of A Mysterious Animal Visiting His Yard

Canines are one of the most loyal creatures in the world. They always stand by their owners’ side. Our four-legged companions should be cherished and showered with love every single day.

Sadly, many dog owners are ungrateful and heartless, and they abandon their dogs without caring about what happens to them.

The abandoned pups don’t realize that their family was capable of dumping them. Being so loyal, they keep waiting for them, believing they will return for them one day.

Rolo was one of those canines who was betrayed and abandoned by his owners. The faithful dog kept believing that his family would come back for him and take him to the only place he called home.

An Unexpected Visitor

It was just an ordinary day for a worker at a nursery in Southern California. While he was tending the plants, a dark, furry creature at the other end of the garden caught his attention.

As he approached closer, he soon discovered that the visitor was a sweet brown pup who had a sad expression on his face.

Seeing that the worker was walking towards him, the timid doggo got nervous and ran to the back of the nursery.

The worker wanted to rescue the pup, but as much as he tried to win him over, the dog was too afraid and kept his distance.

The nursery worker did everything he could to protect him. He took care of the pooch and left him food and water. When he returned home at night, he couldn’t stop thinking about his new friend and worrying about him.

“He would literally pray every day after work that the dog would still be there the next morning. There were so many coyotes on that property at night. But, somehow, he knew how to stay safe, and he would be there the next morning,” Hall said.

Despite the danger he faced every night, the loyal doggo refused to leave the area where his family abandoned him.

Trying To Gain His Trust

Whenever he had the chance, the worker tried to convince the pooch that he was his friend. He hoped that he could eventually catch the dog and bring him to safety.

Although the cautious doggo noticed that the worker was the only person who cared for him, he still didn’t let him come closer.  

Deeply concerned that the coyotes could hurt his new friend, the worker contacted Logan’s Legacy, based in Irvine, California, and asked them to rescue the dog.

Being unable to go there herself, Suzette Hall, the founder of the rescue, sent her friend, Mary, to save the pup, who was later named Rolo.

As soon as Mary arrived at the scene, she set a humane trap and patiently waited for the doggo to enter it. The worker told her that Rolo was shy, so she expected that rescuing him would take some time.

Rolo didn’t look scared, but still, the rescuer noticed that he hesitated to leave the area. He grew attached to his friend and didn’t want to be separated from him.

Realizing that he couldn’t stay there anymore, Rolo eventually came into the trap. Although the worker cared for his furry friend very much, he was unable to give him a home, and he had to say goodbye to him.

He took Rolo in his arms and hugged him, feeling hopeful that the rescue would find him the perfect home.

Hoping To Find A Forever Home

It wasn’t easy for Rolo to part with his friend, but deep down in his heart, he knew he had to leave. He had to find a loving family and a forever home.

The adorable pup was taken to Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California. The hospital staff loved the sweet boy from the very first moment they saw him.

They gave him the affection and cuddles he needed, and Rolo was happy to be loved and cared for. He will never be abandoned again.

I’m extremely grateful to the nursery worker and Logan’s Legacy for rescuing him. I have no doubts that a dog as loyal and sweet as Rolo will soon find the loving family he deserves.


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