Woman Shocked To Realize The Pup She Brought Home Is Not Her Dog At All

Just ask yourself, how often did you find yourself in a situation where you mistakenly confused someone else’s dog for your own?

I know, it sounds very improbable. I was never in a situation like this, but somewhere in the world, something like this actually happens to other people.

In this story, we will talk about a woman who accidentally confused someone else’s dog for her own.

How Did He Get Outside

Just as Tia Belton arrived home from work, she noticed something odd. Her dog, Reese, was outside all by herself.

She was clueless as to how the dog got outside of her apartment in Atlanta, as there was no way it could have happened.

Belton told The Dodo: I was distressed — my Reese never wanders off and doesn’t particularly enjoy running outside. Our apartment complex dumpster is not near my apartment at all. 

She normally just lays in the sun, so for her to be sniffing around the dumpster was too much for me.

She called Reese to her, and the dog ran immediately and got into her car. Belton parked her car and carried the dog over to the apartment.

Just as she was thinking about all the possibilities of how Reese got outside, she opened the door and was completely surprised by what she saw.

Reese’s Doppelganger

Belton’s face turned from mild annoyance to serious confusion when she entered the apartment, as she realized that Reese was already inside and the dog that she was holding was, in fact, not Reese.

The dog, who was named Bella, looked exactly like Reese in every way, so it left Belton really confused.

Whose dog was this? She said: I was shaking and embarrassed. How dare I not recognize my own baby? Bella just hopped on my couch with Reese like it was the parent trap or something.

Reese was also a bit confused when he saw his doppelganger, but Bella didn’t seem to care. Instead, he just accepted the situation for what it was and made himself at home.

Now, it was time for Belton to figure out if this dog really belonged to somebody else, so she did some digging, and after a while, Bella’s family reached out to her.

In the end, the whole event had a happy ending because the dog was reunited with her true family. However, Belton had a very important realization from this.

She said: Having Bella and Reese made me think Reese may need a sibling soon.


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