Witness This Matted Dog Undergo An Incredible Transformation After A Grooming Session

People and organizations involved in rescuing animals experience various situations every day that sometimes leave them speechless.

But when they see an abandoned dog that is so neglected that you cannot see where its head and its tail is, that is a completely different level.

A rescue organization found just such a dog on the streets of Lubbock, Texas, and they immediately knew that they had a tough job ahead of them.

However, they were determined to give this pup a new chance in life.

They Had Never Seen Anything Like It Before

One day, Tori Houston, a volunteer with the South Plains SPCA, got a call from her boss Kim MoyersThere was an abandoned dog found on the streets of Lubbock that needed their help. 

“When I arrived, the condition of this dog was probably the worst I had ever seen any dog, ever; he had so much hair you didn’t know which was the front, which was the back. He was covered in goat heads. He stunk so bad,” Houston said for PEOPLE“You couldn’t see any part of his body. He looked like a pile of sheep wool.”

President Kim Moyers said that his hair was about five years’ worth of matting and that it was a very unpleasant sight when they first saw him on the premises of the rescue organization. 

“This dog is the worst case of dog neglect we have ever encountered.  We have tried to clean it up some today but the hair is extremely matted and thick and we are unable to do anything at this time. The dog has rotten skin spots, hair matted to the skin so bad it is ingrown into the skin, the nails are 2 inches long. There are thousands of goat head stickers throughout the mats and stuck inside the skin.” SPCA posted on their official Facebook page the next day. 

They also added that there was a leash embedded throughout the hair and that led to the collar fused to the neck, which is very rarely seen. 

It was simply unbelievable how this 6-year-old dog could survive in such a terrible condition. And it was very sad that no one noticed him and tried to help him in some way.

Fortunately, the right people were found in the right place and this dog was finally able to start living the life he deserves.

A Beautiful Boy Was Hiding Underneath 

The People from the SPCA asked everyone who was able to donate as much as they could as the comprehensive treatment was very expensive.

Many people were touched by the story of Matt, as they symbolically called him. Relatively quickly, enough money was collected for his recovery.

They soon brought Matt to Ark Hospital for Pets for treatment and an extensive grooming session from Kayla’s Grooming Service

At the Grooming Service, Kayla Thurmon who was also their volunteer, removed almost three pounds of fur from the 14-pound dog. That is a hell of a lot of fur! 

However, apart from the fact that this procedure gave them better insight into his health, they were finally able to see the beautiful boy who had been hiding under that fur for a while.

“After we had one of our professional groomers — who’s also an SPCA foster — groom him, he looked amazing,” Houston said and added. “He is the most gorgeous-looking dog I’ve ever seen. He’s just drop-dead gorgeous.”

As for his health, they discovered he was anaemic so he had to be on iron pills. Aside from that, he also had an eye infection which had to be treated. 

“I’m sure that’s because he wasn’t able to see with all the dust and grime that was embedded in his fur,” Houston said. 

Regardless of all the challenges, especially the health problems, Houston could not resist that cute face and decided to be his foster mom for the next few months until he was ready to be adopted.

He Finally Got The People He Deserved

Not long after she took him into foster care, Tori posted on her Facebook profile that Matt was doing very well. 

“This morning and this evening we went walking around the park. He just loves to go walking.  He barked at a few people, cars driving by, and other dogs.  He hates taking his Iron, and eye meds, but what he doesn’t know this is helping him to be the best dog he can.” she wrote. 

Little by little, Matt improved more and more every day, both physically and health-wise, as well as emotionally. Life without the three-pound burden was much easier to live so it’s no wonder why this dog recovered so quickly.

So, after only a month and a half, the SPCA announced on Facebook that Matt was ready for a new page in his life. 

“Making his Long Awaited Adoption Debut – It’s MATT!!,” they wrote and added all the important information about this beautiful doggo. 

Although people did not immediately recognize all his potential, that moment happened relatively quickly – the happiest in his life!

The SPCA posted on their Facebook page that, among other dogs, Matt was adopted that month too. 

For Matt, everything finally fell into place – he wasn’t matted anymore and his health completely returned to normal. 

He also found a new family that he deserved, and his fur grew back, but this time, just as much as needed to look perfect on him.

If you’ve ever been greeted by a friendly dog with a cold, wet nose, you might have wondered why their noses are always moist. Dogs’ wet noses play a crucial role in their daily lives, serving more than just a sign of good health. The sensation of a damp nose nuzzling your hand is a unique trait that sets dogs apart from other animals.

A dog’s wet nose is not just a random occurrence; it’s a fascinating feature that serves various purposes beyond what meets the eye. Understanding the reasons behind why dogs have wet noses can provide insight into their incredible sense of smell and how they interact with the world around them.

The Science Behind Wet Noses

Function of a Wet Nose in Dogs

A dog’s wet nose serves multiple functions beyond just keeping them cool. The moisture on their nose actually helps enhance their sense of smell by capturing scent particles from the air. Think of it like a sticky surface that attracts and holds onto smells, allowing them to better analyze scents around them.

Comparison to Dry-Nosed Animals

In contrast to dry-nosed animals, dogs’ wet noses play a crucial role in their ability to detect scents. While some animals like cats have dry noses, dogs’ wet noses provide them with a unique advantage. The moisture on a dog’s nose helps dissolve the scent molecules in the air, making it easier for them to pick up and process different smells effectively.

Health Significance of a Dog’s Wet Nose

Indicators of Illness

If your dog’s nose suddenly changes from wet to dry, it might be a sign of an underlying health issue. A dry nose in a dog can indicate fever, dehydration, or environmental factors. Keep an eye out for other symptoms like lethargy, lack of appetite, or nasal discharge.

When to Consult a Veterinarian

Consult a veterinarian if your dog’s nose remains consistently dry for more than a day or if it’s accompanied by other concerning symptoms. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your furry friend’s health. Routine check-ups and quick action can help address any health issues promptly.

Wet Noses and Enhanced Smell

The Role of Mucus in Scent Detection

Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, thanks to the thin layer of mucus that keeps their noses moist. This mucus layer assists in trapping scent particles, allowing dogs to pick up even the faintest smells. The moisture on their noses helps dissolve these particles, enhancing their ability to detect and analyze scents effectively.

Wet Noses vs. Dry Noses in Smell Sensitivity

A dog’s wet nose plays a crucial role in their smell sensitivity compared to animals with dry noses. The moisture helps capture scent molecules, making it easier for dogs to track scents over long distances. On the contrary, a dry nose can hinder a dog’s scent-detecting capabilities, affecting their overall smell sensitivity and making it harder for them to follow scents efficiently.

Wet Nose Maintenance for Dog Owners

Best Practices for Keeping Your Dog’s Nose Healthy

To maintain your dog’s nose health, ensure it stays moist. Make sure your pet always has access to fresh water to keep them hydrated, as this helps in preventing their nose from drying out. Additionally, you can apply a vet-recommended pet-safe nose balm to keep their nose moisturized and protected, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Common Misconceptions About Dog Nose Care

Contrary to popular belief, a warm or dry nose does not always indicate illness in dogs. It’s normal for dogs’ noses to vary in temperature and moisture levels throughout the day. Instead of solely focusing on the wetness of your dog’s nose, pay attention to other signs like changes in behavior, appetite, or energy levels to determine if they need medical attention. Regular veterinary check-ups can help you monitor your dog’s overall health, including their nose condition.


So, there you have it – the mystery behind why dogs have wet noses. Their moist noses play a crucial role in enhancing their sense of smell, allowing them to detect scents effectively. It’s fascinating how a thin layer of mucus keeps their noses moist, aiding in capturing scent particles and tracking scents over long distances. Remember, a wet nose is a sign of a healthy pup, but don’t panic if it’s warm or dry sometimes. Just keep an eye out for any unusual changes and consult your vet if needed. By maintaining your furry friend’s nose moisture with water and nose balm, you’re helping them stay at the top of their scent game. So, embrace the wet nose – it’s your dog’s superpower!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are dogs’ noses wet?

Dogs’ wet noses play a crucial role in scent detection. The moisture helps dissolve scent molecules in the air, enhancing their ability to capture and analyze scents effectively compared to dry-nosed animals. The thin layer of mucus on their noses keeps them moist, aiding in trapping scent particles for improved smell sensitivity.

What happens if a dog’s nose is dry?

A dry nose can impede a dog’s scent-detecting capabilities. Sudden dryness could indicate underlying health issues, necessitating veterinary attention. Maintaining a dog’s nose moist is vital for optimal scent detection and overall health.

How can I keep my dog’s nose wet and healthy?

Ensure your dog has access to fresh water to stay hydrated, as hydration influences nose moisture. Use vet-recommended nose balms to prevent dryness, especially in extreme weather conditions. Regularly monitor your dog’s nose for changes and consult a vet if necessary for optimal nose health.


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