Overlooked Dog Says Goodbye To Thousands Of Shelter Dogs Being Adopted While Waiting For Her Turn

Every dog deserves a home, but sadly, for some dogs, it takes so long to find one.

Mia, a Dutch Shepherd dog, arrived at the RSPCA when was rescued from horrible living conditions at only nine days old.

The shelter hoped to find her a forever home once she was old enough to be adopted, but it has been four years, and Mia is still waiting at the shelter.

Mia Deserves A Chance

Mia spent the first six months of her life living in a foster home with a young couple. Everything was great until her relationship with the couple’s older dog broke down and she was returned to the shelter.

Ever since then, Mia has been waiting for her forever home.  

“Sadly, as Mia was just a tiny puppy when she came to us, she’s spent almost her entire life in kennels,” Claire Hoffman, Mia’s caretaker at RSPCA, told Dogs Today Magazine.

Mia has now seen more than 1,596 animals get adopted and has spent over 4 years in the kennel. For reference, that’s more than 32 years in dog years, which is simply heartbreaking.

Since she was a little puppy, Mia has been working with the staff on a training plan and has learned quite a few tricks. However, no one has even given her a chance to prove how lovely she can be.

“She had such a challenging start to life and, despite her early experience of awful living conditions, we’ve shown her as much love as we can and she’s grown into a really lovely dog. But living in kennels for such a long time is no life for a dog like her and we believe she may, sadly, be the RSPCA’s longest staying resident,” Claire added.

According to the shelter, Mia is a typical Dutch Shepherd dog. She is very intelligent, active, and energetic, but also has a loving and affective side to her character.

She just needs to find someone who is willing to give her a chance – someone who will dedicate time to her and show her what true love feels like. 

But sadly, no one has even asked about little Mia for a very long time, breaking the hearts of everyone at the shelter.

Seeking A Home

While the RSPCA staff is doing everything in their power to create a wonderful life for Mia at the shelter, they are still desperate to find her a loving forever home. 

“What she really needs now is an owner who can give her the one-to-one time and attention she deserves, and can help her adapt to life in a home,” Claire said.

What is the perfect home for Mia?

Well, this energetic little girl needs an experienced adult home, preferably without children and other animals. It would be perfect if her new home had a garden where she could play and enjoy roaming around. 

Mia can be a little bit unsure around new people, but she gets super loving once she’s comfortable with ‘her people.’

A potential adopter will need to visit the shelter a couple of times to build a bond with Mia and see if they are a good fit for each other.

“She’s such a pretty, friendly dog with so much love to give; I can’t understand why no one is even asking about her. We’ve had no interest in her for well over a year,” Claire said.

If you think that Mia could be the perfect match for you, please contact the RSPCA for more information regarding the adoption process.


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