Incredible Rescue Dog Ends Up Saving His Owner’s Life Just Days After Being Adopted

Have you ever wondered why dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’?

This heartwarming story about one very smart and loyal dog named Peanut will give you all the answers.

Peanut is a two-year-old Great Dane dog who has spent most of his life at a shelter in Albuquerque, waiting to find that one person who will love and cherish him.

So, when Peanut’s new dad showed up at the shelter to finally take him home, this adorable boy swore to protect and love his dad at all costs. That’s exactly what he did.

Peanut Saves The Day

Peanut’s new owner, Andrew Budek-Schmuisser, has been ill, and because of his illness, he often loses his balance, which can put him at risk.

A friend suggested that Andrew adopt a big dog who would always be by his side and help him when needed.

Without waiting around, Andrew visited the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department and adopted an adorable Great Dane named Peanut on March 9, 2024.

He couldn’t even imagine that only a day after the adoption, that same dog would save his life.

Peanut, the hero of this story, was at his new home for only 24 hours when he had to act quickly and help his owner. 

Andrew suddenly lost his balance and fell, hitting his head in the process. He couldn’t move or breathe. The horrible thing that happened – Andrew fell in the way that his windpipe pinched shut. 

Quick-thinking Peanut immediately jumped into action. 

“Then I felt Peanut come behind me. He cleared my airway by straightening my head and then got behind me and gradually pushed me into a sitting position,” Andrew told KRQE.

This was crucial to saving Andrew’s life, and it seems like Peanut knew exactly what he needed to do at that moment.

An Unbreakable Bond

Peanut has been by Andrew’s side ever since the accident, and I am 100% sure that he’ll protect him at all times.

Andrew is immensely grateful for having such a beautiful dog. 

“I mean I love the dog with all my heart. He saved my life. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him at this point,” Andrew said. “I probably wouldn’t buy him a Ferrari ‘cause I don’t think he can drive one,” he even joked a little bit.

If it weren’t for this beautiful dog, Andrew probably wouldn’t have been alive. These creatures bring us companionship, but they are much more than that – they are loyal protectors and saviors in our darkest hours. 

This touching story is true proof of why dogs are ‘man’s best friend’. If you are in a position to adopt one, please do because just like in this story, that dog might end up saving your life – literally and metaphorically.

According to Andrew, he’ll adopt even more dogs when the time comes. I hope that Peanut will have many more years to live in his forever home with hopefully fewer accidents.


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