Dog With Face Deformity Escapes Euthanasia At The Last Moment, Now Has A Whole New Life

The statement, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ unfortunately remains overlooked by many.

A lot of people think that a dog is only worthy of being adopted if it is in perfect health, clean, and absolutely adorable.

They fail to understand that a dog’s looks highly depend on the way it is treated. They also tend to forget that every dog is the same. It doesn’t matter how they look – all of them are happy, cheery, and loving pups who just want to be a part of a family.

And, that is exactly what the pup of today’s story wanted.

Meet Luna

An animal rescue in California got a lot of attention when they put out an appeal, asking somebody to adopt a Pit Bull named Luna.

Luna had been surrendered to the shelter when she was only seven weeks old because of a face deformity that made it extremely difficult for her to eat and even breathe.

The state in which Luna arrived at the shelter was extremely heartbreaking.

She had a fractured skull and a broken jaw. Because of this, she was scheduled to be euthanized the very same day.

Luckily, Cage to Couch, a nonprofit animal rescue based in California, heard about her and decided to take her in, ultimately saving her life.

At The Shelter

A staff member from the rescue, Mary Pryor, stated that Luna, as a puppy, never learned how to breathe through her mouth. She was also unable to eat and would even faint – something that happened quite frequently.

However, thanks to the Californian rescue as well as the staff at the University Veterinary Center, Luna started getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Even though she will probably need many more surgeries and medical interventions, Pryor is hopeful that somebody will see Luna for what she truly is and make her a part of their loving family.

“Luna had a serious nasal infection that required hospitalization, and had a hard time breathing, causing her to not eat and to faint. She has a hole in her mouth up into her nasal cavity [a cleft palate] that will need to be surgically repaired. Food and bacteria enter where they shouldn’t, and she has a constant nasal infection,” Pryor told Newsweek.

Because Luna was still a puppy, the medical staff decided that it would be for the best to hold off on the surgeries but to keep her on all the medications she needed until she grew up, as her jaw continued to shift and she was missing a lot of her teeth.

Even though Luna started to realize what was going on, she still had some nights when she would start panicking because she was unable to breathe. Luckily, the staff figured out a solution to this by putting a finger in her mouth in order to hold it open, allowing her to relax and finally fall asleep.

“I don’t want to exaggerate her suffering, but Luna does have some real struggles with her deformity. She sounds like a raptor and can panic about breathing, is a very messy eater, and she can’t really chew so she gobbles instead. We try to get the food to go right down and not go up through the hole in her mouth,” Pryor added.

Still A Happy Pup

Nevertheless, Luna didn’t allow her disability to completely take over her life.

She is still a happy and playful puppy who does zoomies every chance she gets, goes on walks, and plays with anybody she comes across.

She is currently staying with a foster family who already has two senior Beagles who are blind and another who is battling cancer.

Even though Luna loves spending time with her foster siblings, she would love to be a part of a family of her own.

“She would do well in a home with another dog or two, and she’s also great with cats. A home with a fenced-in yard would be nice, but she is learning to walk on a leash and is a quick learner. We’re working on basic commands now, too,” Pryor stated.

Pryor is very saddened by the fact that many misjudge her not only because of her deformities but also because of her breed.

“We’re determined she gets well trained and continues to be socialized with other dogs, as we’re aware of the fear-based reaction people can have towards pitties. With her slightly askew face, it could be tough for Luna,” she concluded.

I am sure that one day, Luna will find a loving family who will see her for who she really is and provide her with a life she truly deserves.

I wish you all the luck, Luna… you adorable pup.


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