Couple From Ohio Who Adopted A Sweet Dog Were Shocked By His Story

No matter how untrained they might be or what they have been through, rescue dogs are, without a doubt, one of the best companions a human can wish for.

With the goal of finding a safe shelter, these four-legged beauties seek only one thing – love! And, if they find it at last, they sure stay loyal forever.

One such love story comes from Ohio, where a dog named Oakley unexpectedly found his forever home. This good boi was searching high and low for someone to love, and when he finally found the pawfect family, he revealed another secret!

Oakley’s Backstory

Oakley was found roaming the streets of Kentucky, from where he was picked up and taken to a shelter. After a long search for the right home, the Adopt A Pit Rescue found this Aussie boi home with Hollis and Jerry, a couple living in Ohio.

“They found him roaming the streets in Kentucky, and I guess he went through all of the requirements for trying to find a family in Kentucky. Then our rescue found him and brought him to Ohio, where we adopted him,” Hollis told GeoBeats Animals.

The couple immediately fell in love with Oakley, as he was such an affectionate and easy-going dog right off the bat. In fact, Oakley was so well-behaved that the couple wondered if he indeed was a street dog.

Due to his mysterious past, they weren’t sure if he had a home before. Oakley knew commands to which he responded perfectly, and he looked like he was crate-trained.

The good boi had so many surprises up his sleeve, leaving his new mom and dad in awe with every new day. Jerry and Hollis were extremely grateful for having such a naturally trained’’ dog around, especially because of their busy schedule as medical students.

The Sweetest Boi

Jerry never had a dog before because of family allergies, but for Oakley, he would definitely do it all over again!

“I can deal with runny nose and itchy eyes any day of the week if it means I get to have someone like Oakley around all the time,” says Jerry.

This sweet boi makes Mom and dad laugh so much daily. He doesn’t care about his size or the fact that he’s not a lap dog. He loves to cuddle or be carried in their arms, as long as it means being near them.

His dad had recently been away for work for over a month, and when he finally got home, he was showered with tons of love from his favourite boi. Still, at the end of the day, it seems that Hollis is the one for Oakley.

Even though he’s obsessed with both of his pawrents, Oakley’s a real momma’s boi!

Her grandma passed away recently, and she was having a hard time, but Oakley was there for her all the way.

“I feel like he could just instantly tell that something was different and, as cheesy as it sounds, he would lick away my tears,” says Hollis.

Oakley loves to hang out with other dogs, meet new people, and go out on new adventures. He’s stealing hearts everywhere he goes, and he does it with such style!

Still, at the end of the day, his very favourite place in the world is his loving home, where he finally feels loved. After all the hardship he’s been through on the streets – learning what true love feels like is precious!


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