A Loving Shelter Dog Ignored By Adopters For A Year Keeps Waiting For Someone To Take Her Home

Every day, shelter dogs wake up with the hope that they will soon taste freedom, find their forever family, and receive unconditional love.

With eyes full of longing, shelter pups sit in their kennels and dream of stealing the hearts of potential adopters who walk past them.

In most cases, puppies don’t wait long to get their happy endings, while senior residents get overlooked time and time again.

Annie, a seven-year-old pup, knows how it feels to have her hopes crushed every time the visitors turn their back on her and ignore her.

The pooch wishes that someone would finally choose her and love her forever. Annie’s greatest wish is to hug her humans tightly and shower them with love.

All she needs is a chance.

Annie’s Story

Annie has spent a year at Mendocino Coast Humane Society, located in Fort Bragg, California. She was transferred from Mendocino County Animal Care Services.

The noisy shelter environment took a toll on the precious pup and made her feel stressed and anxious.

However, when Annie’s shelter friends shower her with attention, she transforms. The pup’s adorable face starts beaming, and her eyes fill up with appreciation.

She wags her tail, showing her friends how happy she feels.

Annie is an extremely affectionate doggo. While the staffers cuddle her, she kisses their hands as if she wants to thank them for the love they give her.

The shelter staff can’t believe that none of the potential adopters fell in love with her.

Annie’s shelter friends couldn’t stand watching the disappointed look on her face whenever she realized that other dogs got adopted and she remained at the shelter.

They posted pleas on social media, explaining Annie’s situation and her wish to find a place to call home.

“Adopt Annie! This newly seven year old large mixed breed is seventy pounds of pure love…,” the staff wrote in a Facebook post.

The staffers hoped that their loving girl would captivate the heart of a great family who would give her love and make her the happiest pup on the planet.

The Adorable Doggo Doesn’t Lose Hope

The sweet canine needs an adopter who will continue taking her to the vet.

“Because of her age, Annie has a chronic eye issue and dental disease that will need further vet care after adopting,” the California shelter added.

The shelter posted a video on its Instagram account that shows Annie smiling and her eyes sparkling with hope.

Despite the long time she has spent inside the confines of the shelter, the lovely girl keeps dreaming of finding her happily ever after.

With all my heart, I hope that Annie will soon leave the shelter and ride into the sunset with her loving forever family.

This affectionate girl deserves to be showered with a lot of love and to discover how wonderful life can be outside the shelter.


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