12-Week-Old Puppy With Broken Leg Brought To Vet To Be Euthanized Gets Saved By A Nurse

Many people fail to consider the financial aspect of getting a puppy or what they would do in case of emergencies.

Sadly, when emergencies or sickness strikes, owners often end up at the vet, contemplating euthanizing their pet.

The idea of “in sickness and in health” shouldn’t just apply to marriage because if you were sick, your dog would surely be by your side trying to make you feel better.

However, it’s not always the other way around. Owning a puppy isn’t all rainbows and roses but a serious commitment for the next ten to twenty years.

This little puppy was only 12 weeks old when he ended up at the veterinary clinic on the euthanasia table, yet there was still so much life behind his sad eyes.

A Second Chance

The previous owners brought their 12-week-old mixed breed puppy to the veterinary emergency clinic in West Columbia, South Carolina.

He had a broken leg, and apparently, they couldn’t afford the surgery, so they decided to euthanize him. 

With a broken leg and a broken heart, this little pooch waited in his kennel at the veterinary office, knowing he didn’t have much time left. 

His broken leg was causing him pain, but nothing could compare to the sadness and emptiness he felt. In just a moment, his life completely changed – once a happy little puppy running around, now he awaited his grim fate.

His owners whom he loved so much just walked away and never looked back.

Fortunately, at the clinic, there was this one nurse, Morgan Heather, who couldn’t stand the thought of the little puppy being euthanized. 

She fell in love with him the moment she saw him, so she decided to take over his rights and give him a second chance.

Heather got him the surgery to remove the leg that was broken in three places and visited him every day while he was healing.

With every gentle touch, his little broken heart also started to heal – finally, there was someone who loved him wholeheartedly and wasn’t going to let him go.

Finding His Rightful Family

Heather and her family from South Carolina decided to adopt the puppy whom they named Koe. Once Koe was all healed, he went to his forever home where he constantly gets lots of snacks and kisses. 

He is now one happy boy, but it’s heartbreaking to think that because of his broken leg, he almost didn’t survive.

Everything happens for a reason, though, and his broken leg led him to his rightful and loving family. 

His new mom posted a touching video of his journey so far on her TikTok, saying: “I wasn’t even supposed to work that day. We love our Koe.”

The video and Heather’s selfless act touched many hearts across the world. Many rushed to comment and praise this kind nurse and her beautiful act and others shared their experiences.

One person said: “Mine was dropped off at the vet to be euthanized because she had a hernia at 5 weeks old. The vet saved her, I adopted them. Couldn’t imagine my life without her!!!”

“When I was little my mom brought our dog to get put down. 7 years later [I] went to the same vet with my dog and saw a dog there [that] looked just like our older dog. Called her and she came running. They kept her,” another person commented.


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